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Livable Wage Jobs

We are all essential contributors to our communities. However, to engage, we need equitable, livable wage jobs. By intent, livable wage jobs provide a safe place for a family (legally related or not) to live, afford utilities, eat healthy meals, access transportation, receive healthcare, and have enough money to care for children, elders, family, or friends. This foundation provides for and supports our ability to delve into societal challenges and work together toward future priorities.

As community members, we need to be willing to reframe our understanding of a good job. Idealizing tech founders, media influencers, and professional athletes led to youth dismissing jobs and careers offering significant opportunities. For example, there are more construction trade, welding, and advanced manufacturing jobs, by far, than there are applicants. We need to come together and network with youth for youth to envision careers differently. We need to network with all job seekers to recognize, plan, train, and prepare for careers differently.

2 Degree Shift formed Livable Wage Jobs, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) to address equitable opportunity to the high-wage, high-growth jobs. Please visit our LivableWageJobs.org site to learn more.

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